Perfectly Balanced Beef…

Why can Maiden Creek Beef be described as “the Sweet Spot” in the meat world?

The photo doesn't do justice...
A London Broil cooked to perfection.

Let’s visit the beef spectrum…

  • 100% Grass-fed: Highly priced in spite of its tendency toward toughness and a gamey flavor. And while it may be the healthiest, most prefer paying for not just health but an enjoyable texture and flavor from supplemental non-GMO grains.
  • Supermarket Grades: On the other end of the spectrum lies the cheapest, most common system for mass beef production….feedlots. These cattle are confined, heavily grain fed, receive mandatory preventative antibiotics, and are often given growth hormones to increase profit margins. Most of this meat is shipped a great distance and needs to stay fresh. To ensure it’s freshness it is preserved with FDA approved chemicals – causing it to appear red and aesthetically pleasing to the customer. While this system offers more marbling and a better price, it is not the healthiest choice.

So what about the sweet spot?

  • We have combined flavor, health, and affordability!

HOW? After our cattle are weaned they have access to pasture and their feed mixture. This dietary consistency allows the meat to marble evenly  – compared to heavy grain finishing, which causes large amounts of fat on the outside of the meat.

That’s right, our priority is to offer our customers the perfect blend of nutrition, flavor, affordability!