Perfectly Balanced Beef…

Why can Maiden Creek Beef be described as at “the Sweet Spot” in the meat world?

The photo doesn't do justice...
A great London Broil cooked to perfection.

Let’s visit the beef spectrum…

  • 100% grassfed: highly priced for its tendency toward toughness and a gamie flavor. And while it may be the healthiest, most prefer paying for not just health but an enjoyable texture and flavor.
  • “Supermarket” Grades: On the other end of the spectrum lies the common system for mass beef production. Confined space, heavily grain pushed, mandatory preventative antibiotics, and often growth hormones to increase profit margins. This meat is often shipped a great distance and needs to stay fresh not frozen. To ensure it’s freshness it is preserved with FDA approved chemicals – allowing it to appear red and fresh to the customer.

So what about the sweet spot?

  • Affordable beef of premium quality.
  • A nutritious product that delivers the enjoyable beef flavor we know and love.

That’s right, our priority is to offer our customers the perfect blend of nutrition, flavor, affordability!