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Quarter of Beef includes:

1-2 Porterhouse

1-2 T-Bone

2 Filet Mignon

2-3 NY Strip

3 Boneless Ribeye

3 Bone-In Ribeye

2-3 Sirloin Steaks

3-4 (1lb packs) Stew meat/Beef Cubes

3-4 (1lb packs) Chipped Steak 

3 Chuck Roast 

2 Round Roast

1 Eye of the Round

2 London Broil

1 Brisket

1-2 (Skirt steak, Flank, or Hanger)

0-1 Flat Iron

50 (1lb packs) Ground Beef

(Total – approximately 106 lbs)

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in

6 reviews for QUARTER COW

  1. Bill

    Excellent Beef Product! I bought a ‘Quarter’ Beef….and it is GREAT! Full of Flavor! Juicy…
    I’ll buy another once I manage my way thru this Quarter Beef!

  2. Luwaina M Baker (verified owner)

    Very good beef and so full of flavor! We purchased a Quarter and are definitely planning to do it again.

  3. Mat

    Fantastic and full of flavor! We are very partial to the Rib Steak!

  4. Bill Maggipinto (verified owner)

    Maiden Creek Beef: The name says it all……an EXCELLENT BEEF product! This is our Second Quarter, and we’re already hungry for more! Its pure quality….Kelsie knows her Beef operation, and it shows in the product that Maiden Creek Beef offers…..If your looking for Tasty, Juicy, Flavorful, simply the Best Beef, Go For It! I’ll purchase another Quarter, after I finish this one, for sure!

    *** I also got my 90 y.o. Mom a ‘Beef Bundle’, which she is so pleased with! A Great start for ‘anyone’.wishing to have a True Farm raised Beef product, with a well cared for Cow heard…..

    Maiden Creek Beef does it Right!.

  5. Gypsy (verified owner)

    Only had a few pieces so far but WOW! This beef is absolutely amazing. Kelsie knows her beef and I can’t wait to get through this to order more!

  6. Brian Martin (verified owner)

    I picked up my quarter back in May 2022 , it was my first purchase from maiden creek it is absolutely the most flavorful and tender beef product I have had . I’m ordering a half today , ending my store bought beef products because there is just no comparison the wait is worth it . Plus they’re great to deal with and responded quickly to my questions.

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