Central PA Farm Raised Beef

After years involved in Beef Cattle Farming we wanted to “do it right”. What do we mean by that? The bottom line of that is getting our clients the Best Beef Possible without sacrificing good value and good “Values”. That means delivering Beef products that are hormone and GMO free the way nature (and your human body) intended. It means treating our Cattle right and feeding them a healthy, delicious antibiotic-free mixed-feed they enjoy so they stay healthy and happy. It means allowing them plenty of time to bask in the Sunshine near the creek enjoying natural PA Grasses.

To you clients it means getting the highest quality beef at a realistic price. Stop by (or just check out the store) and you’ll see our costs are very competitive with the markets and big box stores but for a much more wholesome product.

Please check out our Beef Medley’s, Premium Cuts and Ground Products. While you’re around you may also want to learn more about us or the higher standards we have as your local Beef farm and what that means to you.

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