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  1. Half Beef includes:

3-4 Porterhouse

2-3 T-Bone

4 Filet Mignon

4-6 NY Strip

6 Boneless Ribeye

6 Bone-In Ribeye

4-6 Sirloin Steaks

6 (1lb packs) Stew meat/Beef Cubes

6-8 (1lb packs) Chipped Steak 

5-6 Chuck Roast 

4 Round Roast

1-2 Eye of the Round

4 London Broil

1-2 Brisket

2 (Skirt steak, Flank, or Hanger)

0-2 Flat Iron

100 (1lb packs) Ground Beef

(Total – approximately 212 lbs)

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 96 × 96 in

2 reviews for HALF COW

  1. Marcus Noyes

    I’ve had a lot of grassfed beef and it can be pretty dry. This beef provides the perfect blend of flavor along with the peace of mind that the animals have been well treated. Fantastic quality and a good price. I bought a half, will probably go back for a whole.

  2. Jerry

    We have bought beef by the 1/4 and 1/2 in the recent past but none of the other beef was as good as the 1/2 we bought from Maiden Creek. Great to deal with and a great product! Will be purchasing again.

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