Our Cattle

Maiden Creek Beef offers the farm raised meat that we used to know. We don’t claim to be purely grass fed, organic or perfect, but we do love our cattle and their health and well-being are our main concern. They graze on pasture nine months out of the year, without hormones and with antibiotics being the last resort. They receive a scoop of grain in the evenings from the local mill and drink from the nearby stream. This way of life allows us to provide our customers with beef that is not only healthy but tasty and affordable as well.

Our cattle are mainly purebred Angus, however an occasional Hereford does join the herd. Both the Angus and Hereford breed are known for their excellent marbling genetics, as well as their texture and tenderness.

A quarter of beef of this quality costs between $650-$750 in the supermarket. Why not take a visit to Maiden Creek Farm where you get to see where your meat is coming from for a far better price!

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